How to make windows setting links work with discourse?

Just finished browsing Microsoft support forum and found this:

when I click on it I get this

which takes me to windows settings

i copied the link from the button which is

pasted it in our forum but didn’t work.
it sounds very interesting to have something like this that way the members can get to the settings pretty quick.
how we can activate this ?


You need to allow each schema you want using the setting allowed href schemes


how i can do that ? kindly explain

  1. Go to your forum admin settings: yourdomain.tld/admin/site_settings/
  2. Type allowed href schemes into the filter box on the upper left hand side
  3. Type ms-settings:// into allowed href schemes box and hit the Enter key
  4. Click the Green :white_check_mark: icon to save the setting

Not working :cry::cry:

It has to be in URL scheme format. See About URL schemes in Shortcuts - Apple Support for examples.