How to mass remove PMs?

I wonder if I can search and mass remove PMs from their title or something else?

I was enabled ‘First solution accepted’ on Automation and I thought it would be sent only once but it is sent in every solution (and/or repeatedly).

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use bulk actions in your inbox if that is what you mean?

can probably also do via rails console.

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Hey, thanks for your fast reply!

I’m asking about to delete PMs on every user, bulk option should works this way?

Oof. That seems extreme. What happened?

What I previouly stated:

We was on open-beta so that’s not really bad but I truly need to remove ton of PMs :slight_smile:

Ah. I misread it as every PM rather than a bunch of PMs that fit a pattern. Do you have access to the server to run something using the Rails console? That or the API would probably work best.


There should be adult hints in Administrative Bulk Operations. If you can find an example with the PostDestroyer and one that selects topics by matching the title, I think. That’s assuming you’re self hosted and can get to rails.

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I can get into Rails, for sure! Any hint or example to begin starting with?


Search for PostDestroyer and find something like How to bulk delete old whispers - #2 by tshenry

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