How to remove a domain-name link under the topic name


There was a link in the firs topic. However, I removed it and rebaked the message’s HTML. The link is still there though. How do I remove it?

I think we should have a way to remove this if it gets in there in error @neil. Has come up a few times. What can we do that’s easy here?

I think the most intuitive place to remove it is from editing the title:

Something like that? I don’t think we ever use the bottom-right corner of the UI, so it should fit even on mobile.


If there’s a way to remove an unintended link, it would be really cool to have some way to add a URL back again (e.g. if you accidentally clicked the x button)

How about when there’s no link, there’s a little :link: button which displays a text field when clicked?


I don’t want to scope creep this at the current time though.

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I added the ability to remove the link from a topic:

Removing the link is only saved if you click the :ballot_box_with_check: check mark to save the changes.