How to reset custom email templates?


My Discourse forum is quite old now and I think some locale has never been updated, like in /admin/customize/email_templates/.
For exemple, some messages have a link that doesn’t exist anymore: Pour plus de précisions, veuillez consulter nos [charte communautaire] (%{base_url}/charte).
Is it a current bug? Can I reset these custom email templates?

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Yes, edited templates will have a Revert Changes button:
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.10.04 PM

You can find the edited email templates (or any other edited fields) under Customize → Text → only show overridden.



ok thanks, I don’t have the revert buttom, so it’s a propably a bug on the original french locale.
I see the wrong URL on /admin/customize/email_templates/system_messages.post_hidden_again

The wrong URL appears multiple times:

There are other translated URL that do not work: %{base_url}/u/%{username}/résumé, %{base_url}/administrateur/reports/top_ignored_users, …

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