How to search/filter untagged topics

I’m looking to use the search API to find all tags that match a string but have no tags. Is this possible? My hope is that this would work similar to in:solved (How to search and filter solved/unsolved topics?).

More generally, is there a list of all such search terms? (Happy to look at code if someone could provide a pointer.)

Alternatively, I could use a filter more like Filter topics by tag in common with "top", "read", "bookmarks" and "posted" filters but it’s unclear how that works together with the search API.


For reference here the search.rb file

however you can easily find topics without tags using the data explorer plugin or you can even search topics without a specific tag using the not operator, New search operator "not"


Thanks! The advanced filters starting around line 269 are very useful:

  advanced_filter(/^status:open$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^status:closed$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^status:archived$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^status:noreplies$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^status:single_user$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^in:first|^f$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^in:pinned$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^in:unpinned$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^in:(likes|bookmarks)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^in:posted$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^in:seen$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^in:unseen$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^in:wiki$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^posts_count:(\d+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^min_post_count:(\d+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^badge:(.*)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^with:images$/) do |posts|
  advanced_filter(/^\#([\p{L}0-9\-:=]+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^group:(.+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^user:(.+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^\@([a-zA-Z0-9_\-.]+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^before:(.*)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^after:(.*)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^tags?:([\p{L}0-9,\-_+]+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^\-tags?:([\p{L}0-9,\-_+]+)$/) do |posts, match|
  advanced_filter(/^filetypes?:([a-zA-Z0-9,\-_]+)$/) do |posts, match|

I assume “solved”/“unsolved” would show up in the plugin code, eh?

Interesting. Thanks. We’re currently looking for an API solution for auto-generating a list of all topics that we need to respond to.

Yup, that’s where I started and ended up wanting more :smile: Very useful.

Is there a technical reason (performance of the query, etc.) that an in:untagged advanced filter wouldn’t work?


Not of which I am aware, but our engineers should answer this question. I believe there were no requests to implement this kind of search.

Tested locally via d/boot_env --init:

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