How to send mass message to forum users?

If Discourse forum system has mass message function? That’s to say, moderator can send internal message (notice) to all forum users one time. Thanks.

I hope this is what you are looking for

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Thanks a lot for your help.
But if i want to establish one Group name all users, i can’t add the trust_level_0 into the group.

And, if i want to post message, i can’t select trust_level_0 in the receiver column.

So i don’t know how to send message to batch users. I need you help, thanks a lot.

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sorry. I can’t catch your point

That’s to say, if administrator wants to send mass message to all of forum users? how can he do? thanks.

I hope the inbuilt group @everyone will help you to do this

No, mentioning the @everyone group does not mention everyone.

Then, how to do it? thanks

It’s not possible through a mention. You can show a global notice though.

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even admin can’t send PM to everyone group?

You could mention @trust_level_0 after allowing this in site settings.


If i don’t want other users to see how many people in level 0 , (it means i don’t use mention function), then can i set up one Group of all users?

@trust_level_0 is a group of all users :slight_smile:


Get it, thanks a lot.

How do I do this? How do I enable mentioning @trust_level_0? @fefrei

Update: I figured it out. Here is a screenshot for anyone who needs to do this.


So I did this, and the trust_level_0 appears to have all users in my forum, but it looks like not everyone was emailed the notice of the PM. I see only a handful of people got emails around the time I sent. Is there some lag time?

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IMHO, if you want to mass email your forum members it would be better to not do it through Discourse.

If your intent is to mass email, as compared to mass Notification, I think it would be better to export your members’ email addresses and use an email provider.

As for a possible delay, it could be that a job needs to run. But it could be that some members, depending on their activity and how they have their Preference Settings that they won’t get an email.


If you really do want to send an email to all your users through Discourse, I created a plugin to do that a while ago:

Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


Does this plugin still works?

We haven’t used it recently - sending an email to every single one of your users isn’t something you’ll want to be doing very often if you want to keep those users - but there’s no reason I can think of that it wouldn’t still work.

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