How to set summary word count?

How to set summary word count? For example, only 50 characters are displayed

Try setting topic excerpt maxlength

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Not effective

Then my next guess would be it comes from theme. You can be sure trying safe-mode. And if that’s true then next stop would be topic of that theme.

If I’m remembering right Topic list preview offers that option too.

Thank you, this is a great idea

Where do you see that summary? Are those search results?

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I took a deep breath and was rushing to make a bold claim that search doesn’t show profile images… :man_facepalming:

And I’m using searches every day multiple times. Good example how one can choose what to see.

Back to on-topic. Yeah, that’s true. If screenshot is from search result it changes this game.

In topic list, not search results

You need to rebake the posts (I think) for it to work after changing that setting. You should be able to just refresh the HTML on the OP of the Topic you are testing.

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