How to setup the homepage with just a list of latest topics & NO Categories

I have a similar question to this:

I’d like to set my homepage to only show the latest topics, just like the community. So when my users click my logo, it will take them back to the page of just threads, like going to Jewel Bound Community


I see that :arrow_up:︎ list of options in Admin settings, but not one to just show “latest” topics.

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I believe the first one in this list determines which is your default view.

What does this setting look like for you?


THAT was exactly what I needed to adjust. Thank you so much! :pray:

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Just re-run setup /wizard and select the view you want to be default. That’s the easiest way.


Ahhh! Thanks for the tip! I thought that might be the easiest but forgot how to run wizard… went into settings and searched “wizard” but couldn’t find it. Thanks for the link!


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