How to track which users viewed a particular topic?

How can we track the ‘list of users’ who viewed a particular topic??


Two caveats I would make, or at least in my particular need, would be that it would also have to be granular down to the post, and it would need a minimum length of time the post was viewed.

While I don’t need a user friendly GUI as I suspect that having admin access to the PostgreSQL database, a query cold be run.

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Answer from Hawk in another topic which probably also answers yours:

If you do this, there may be a cookie acceptation matter to take care of, though.

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Yes, and…

This could be done with #plugin:data-explorer

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While I don’t have access to Data Explorer did some checking of the quires and found

Topic Reads by Date

or like a reverse index
Is it possible to see the topics a user has viewed?

IIRC there is another topic that list useful Data Explorer quires but I can’t find it at the moment.

It looks like that post you linked to has an example, in fact:


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