How to use CHAT or FORUM to make questions

I am a bit confused with the new CHAT tool.

Before when I log in the META platform, there were many new entries and I could have a fast look to them .
Now there is near no new entries… everything is on the CHAT.
But for me it is very inconvenient to try to find something in the chat whe there are 300 entries pending… This is exactly what I was trying to avoid when I began to use your platform instead of dealing with tons of whatsapps.

Then Now I don’t know how to deal with both chanels and I don’t know where do I have to make my questions.
Hope some one would help me, even if this is not ask on the chat :wink:

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That’s not the case:

Even using hard statistics:


There is over 20x more posts than chat messages here in Meta.

I can see how many communities may struggle with the division between what goes in Chat and what goes into topics, we even blogged about this multiple times, but this is not the case here.


Thanks @Falco for your fast and clarifying answer . It’s clear I still have to improve my knowledge with the changes in the platform.
I am still confused wiht the new fantastic upgrade (sidebar, chat, etc…) .
What may be confuse me is the fact when I login I always have the Blue point on the chat

and before I think I had blue point on my picture.
I understand this may be configurable.
I will have a look to the post you send me. Thanks

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A blue dot there means there are new messages in chat channels you are a member of. You can mute or leave those channels if you aren’t interested on them.

A blue dot on your picture means a new notification, which may be a like, a reply or a new post in category/topic/tag you are tracking. Won’t be any if there are no new notifications.