How to use Discourse embedded comments with a membership model?

I’ve set up the discourse embedded comment feature to work similar to Jeff’s fantastic CodingHorror blog. Users add comments underneath the article and it takes them to Discourse and creates a new topic for their replies. It works fine for a free site, but I want to move to a membership model.

In the current scenario, a ‘Show Full Post’ button is located under the link where the users can read the full article. How do you make this option only accessible to paid members?

If the Discourse embedding crawler can’t load the entire article when it crawls the page, it won’t be able to give a meaningful Show Full Post button and may refuse to create the topic at all. There’s another mode where only a custom excerpt is shown on Discourse, and no “Show Full Post” button is present. I don’t remember how that’s decided; it may be in the site settings?

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Thank you very much for your insightful reply. What you mention sounds like what I need. How would one go about finding this in the site settings? Where would it be located?

Do you know how this is done in site settings? I can’t seem to find it.