How to use group feature (Very hard for me to understand)

I read a lot about group feature but hard to understand for me every time.
Like, when we joined group on facebook, there is a different dashboard where everyone can discuss about that specific topic but I haven’t found that in my discourse(If there, kindly correct me)

I created group, then I joined that from my another I’d to check out how it works but nothing works, there is nothing there where on can post something then why people’s who use facebook group for discussion comes to my community.

Yesterday, I invited one of friend. He has the knowledge of “Economic” and told him that you should use my community, I will create a different group and you and your friends can discuss here freely.

But, when I created group, there is no option to create a ‘new topic’

When someone joins group, what is his benefit.

Maybe I am wrong about all the things I said about.
Only want to clear my confusion.
Kindly clear it.
Thanks in advance

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Generally a Discourse instance is equivalent (in intent, at least) to a Facebook group. So have him simply join your Discourse and start posting.


As my forum has many category like Science, International Relationship, Politics, Computer Programming, Economics, Social Media Marketing.
I hide some category by through userlevel but i don’t want to hide discussion for new user who are interested in specific topic because it will encourage him/her to join the community. Like, if someone is only interested in Science, he/she doesn’t like to the news of other topics and in that way only group works.

They will visit to that group and only that information will be shown which they love.

Can I use it in this way

Not really, particularly if you don’t want to hide discussions by using groups to limit user posting rights.

A group is a shorthand form for identifying a list of users. You can use them as security, but that becomes cumbersome pretty quickly.

Just get your users to join, they will post in categories which interest them, and ignore those which don’t. You don’t really need to limit them with groups and permissions… people just naturally show interest in what they find interesting.


A group is a collection of users.

A category is a collection of topics.

You can use groups to control access to categories.

One use of groups is to create categories that are available only to members of a group. Or you could make it so that everyone can read, but only members can reply or post.


Don’t assume that because somebody is knowledgeable in a particular area that he/she is not interested in something else. You’ll be surprised a lot.

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