How would I install a certain (old) version of Discourse

I’m trying to setup a test server. I’m planning to use it to test updates, plugin installs etc.

My live forum is a bit back in time (2.5.0 beta7) and so I’d like to install this exact version on the test server too. I thought I could just checkout by tag or commit ID from github but I’m failing to do so (likely due to the lack of git knowledge).

Can anyone tell me how to install an older version effectively?



Ok, looks like I just didn’t find a commit Id that worked, but I used the one from the existing forums and it seems to work now

git show to get the commit ID, git checkout $id to use it for the test server.

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Hmm that didn’t exactly work. It installed the latest version though.

If anyone’s got a tip on how to forcefully install an older version that’d be helpful.

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Checkout the same version of discourse_docker that you use on your other server, maybe copy your app.yml from the old server and make the necessary changes. Also in app.yml, change the version from tests-passed to either a tag (e.g. v2.5.0.beta7) or use a git commit hash.


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