Install discourse at lower version


I’d like to install discourse at a specific commit, because I have a migration plugin that I have that only works with some range of commits, definitely not with the current newest. How do I do that?


I am putting this under the not supported category, you are playing a really dangerous game. If you want to play it, read through discourse docker source and figure out how to do it.

I am not going to help here.

Ok thanks for reply. It’s not really dangerous for me, only maybe in terms of wasted time. I’m planning to do that on fresh discourse, run the migration plugin an then upgrade to newest.

@sam, others:

I also would love some support for this, for a different (and perhaps more defensible) reason – migrating old legacy installs to the latest Docker version.

I run a half dozen instances at work, and the oldest one (which predates me) is overdue for migration to Docker. I’m having a hard time pulling that off.

It seems like the easiest way to do this now would be to set up an instance with Docker, at the old Discourse version, dump and restore, and then upgrade. I can’t dump an old and restore into a new install. Hence I need to be able to install at an older version.

I 100% understand the “we only support Docker and the latest version” stance, but it wasn’t always that way, and oldtime users (well, me at least) would really appreciate a bit of support in making the transition to the new way of doing things.

In the meantime I’ll read through the source, but if you have a minute to point me further in the right direction I’d greatly appreciated it.

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When doing a clean install you can specify the commit hash, instead of latest in the container config


The commit hash goes in the app.yml file in the containers folder? I do not see any other mention of this or how the commit hash entry should look in that file. Can you give an example? I am worried my server is about to go down and I cannot count on being at the latest version or my backup being at the latest version when that happens. I am going to be away traveling and cannot do an update and restore on a new machine right now. It would be great to know how to install the right version for the backups I do have then upgrade once the backup is restored on an older version.

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I can be wrong, but backups from older versions work just fine.

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