Howto: Change a user's email when they can't access the email account

(Andrew Waugh) #1

Our site was created from an import of a preexisting system. Some of the user account definitions had historical email addresses which the users can no longer access (on the old system they just kept logging in with a username and password - the email was only used for a password reset).

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The fix for changing users mailadress with deactivation the user doesn’t work any more. I’ve got installed Version 2.2.0.beta8.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

All you need to do is go to the user’s preferences as if you were that user, and … change their email by clicking or tapping the edit button next to the email.


For a normal user, the only email address that has to be verified is the NEW email address, so this should work fine.

However, for staff (admins / mods), both OLD and NEW emails must be verified for security reasons. If a staff member has lost control of their old email, you’ll need to temporarily remove their admin / mod privileges before resetting their email, in the exact same way as above.