Hungarian Translation

(Zoltan Szathmary) #1

Hi there all!

We were trying to make our discourse version appear in Hungarian - sadly, the translation of discourse into our language has stopped some time ago, and I could not figure out a way to get the already translated file (not to mention that some of the strings were not translated well and I could not fix them).

So I got the yaml file from github and used a translator program (Crowdin translation). Took me some days to translate everything into hungarian (by everything I mean that every string that our users can see, the admin part is still in english).

Where or how can I upload it if I want to help the community, or how can I share it? Is it okay if I just put it up here, let’s say with a big writing that says HUNGARIAN YML FILE - admin part in english (131.8 KB) or is there a way to help the original translation with this file?

To check what it looks like, this is our discourse:

It does require some proofreading as parts of it might not be used by others as it is used by us (hungarian language is beautiful and a beast at the same time).

Any ideas are appreciated. And if some hungarians needed this, we are happy to share (and save you 40 hours of translation)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You’ll need to enter it in Transifex, see

(Zoltan Szathmary) #3

The problem is I don’t know how I could make it know that some part of the file is hugnarian and the remaining is english… besides, there is already a hungarian one… if I recall correctly. Can I mash the two together?