I can connect to my Discourse via SSH but get can’t connect to server errors in browsers

My Discourse stopped completely running on my Digital Ocean server. Is there a guide for steps on how I can debug the issue and get it working again?

You can try yoursite.com/safe-mode You can disable all unofficial plugins, to see if the issue came from there. If not, try the official ones and then the theme.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t disable them, just gives you a general idea of where the issue is coming from. We can take it from there.

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What does “stopped completely running” mean? Do you get a 404, a 502, connection refused? Does the host name resolve? Have you tried rebooting the server? Are you out of disk space?

I’ve tried everything. I can connect to the server via SSH but I get can’t connect to server errors in browsers.

Thank you for the suggestion! That’s not working for me either.

You don’t say what “everything” is and you didn’t answer any of my questions. We still don’t know what “stopped working” means. The standard recommendation is to comment out all non-standard plugins and rebuild.

What errors? Sounds like it might be an errant theme. You have tried safe-mode?

Can you share your site URL?

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Is the DNS correctly pointing to the IP of the server?

If you can SSH in, it never hurts to do a rebuild.

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