I can't log in with SSO

Forum has sso. And only one button “Log in”, i tried to add “Sign in” button by adding to CSS

.login-button::after {
    content: " | Sign up";

after testing, i delete this and save. But now i can`t log in to forum, and when press “log in” i have popup

I need just redirect to mother site(SSO)

Help please! Thanks

You need to bypass SSO and fix the problem. If you have access to your server run this to disable SSO:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

If you can’t access the server, you can use the /users/admin-login route to bypass SSO. Go to
http://forum.example.com/users/admin-login, enter your email address, and then follow the instructions in the email you receive.

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Great. Thanks
I don’t have any idea what the problem could be. .
I think css can’t break
Maybe some settings in Login tab.

But sso redirect break after that css selector

I’m not sure what the problem with that is. The easiest way to set the text for the login button is to go to Admin/Customize/Text Content and search for ’ js.log_in’. You can edit the text to say ‘Log In | Sign Up’.

I’m sorry for disturbing you, but it`s matter of life and death.

By steps

  1. I added and saved
    .login-button::after {
    content: " | Sign up";

  2. saved and saw that “log in” button isn`t redirect me to sso site but show me popup login

3.I deleted that selector and saved. But ‘Log In’ button didn`t return old action, it just show me popup.

How sso url and button are releted? Can i change relation?

Also i have “sign up” button that redirect me to “sign up” page of sso site, it still work correct. I can`t undestand how css can broken redirect to sso action…

P.S Little note, now in fact i am having little icon with person, but didnt have it before first step.

.fa-user:before {
    content: "";

Sorry and Thanks

Make sure that ‘enable sso’ is checked.

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Many thanks for the help. You saved me.

SiteSetting.enable_sso = true - fixed up the isssue

One more questions.
I have ‘sign up’ and ‘log in’ buttons. But ‘Sign In’ appears after click on .d-header clearfix
How to make “Sign Up” appear always if current_user == nil (anonymous) ?
Maybe change CSS, JS or some settings ?

I read some topics on meta.discourse was said that it doesn’t make sense when you are using SSO. But we need that button.

This is the last question I promise. Thanks

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