If a Wiki post is editable by non-staff, shouldn't there be an option to allow those who can edit the post to see all the edits to it?

A post is marked as a wiki and non-staff with sufficient trust level can edit it.

But they can’t see all the edit history because edit histories are set to staff-only. (They apparently can see SOME of the editing history, but not all of it.)

Shouldn’t there be a flag to allow those who can edit a wiki to see all the editing history of that wiki?

I’m torn as to whether this should be a global set option or something that is set when the post is made wiki. Maybe an option to set it globally or allow it on a per-post option?

Anyone who has been through a wiki edit war knows it is useful to know who changed what.


Yes, I agree with you on this.

For example, when someone edits a wiki, the old article should be in reserve, otherwise, when someone who doesn’t like you changes the article, all the effort will be wasted because there is no old article.

For this, when someone edits the wiki, it must be the old version, the officials need to see the change, where they have changed and it will be nice if there is an option such as undoing the changed place.


I am not 100% sure I’m following this one? Users can see the edit history of a wiki even when edit history visible to public is disabled. I believe it’s the last 100 revisions, which is quite a lot.

There is also the option to revert to a particular version too, which is currently reserved for mods and admins.

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Here’s what shows up for a TL2 user (non-staff) in the edit history of a post that is set as wiki:

It doesn’t show who changed what and the forward/back buttons are not enabled.

Here’s what the admin user sees:

The forward/back buttons are active and it shows who edited what.


That looks like you’ve hidden the revision. You have the ‘show revision’ button on the right in the admin view, if you click that will a more complete history show up for your TL2 non-staff user?

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Sort of. Now the non-staff user sees a total of 3 edits (original plus 2 changes) while the admin user sees 5.

And there are no others to ‘unhide’?

That gets me all 5 edits, but the admin shouldn’t have to unhide each revision, there should be some kind of global option so those who can edit a wiki can see all revisions to it.

I think they were manually hidden. They should be visible by default.

I don’t think I hid any of them, I think they came up that way. This is my sandbox system, I’m the only one who’s been on it for several weeks.

I’ve just given it a run-through on my test site with edit history visible to public disabled, and each of the wiki revisions is showing up to the non-staff users (ie. none are hidden by default). Could you spin up a new one on your sandbox site and have another test?

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Just did. user 1 created a post, admin changed it to wiki and edited it, user 2 then edited it.

Now revision 2->3 is flagged as non visible, but I didn’t change it.

If there’s a setting controlling this, what is it? Edit history visible to public is checked on the sandbox server.

I appreciate your looking into this. Years ago one of my programming mentors told me that 90% of bug reports are actually bad documentation.

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Hmmm. :thinking: I am unsure of a setting that automatically hides edit revisions.

Do you have any plugins that may be having an effect? Does this also happen in safe mode?

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Plugins: ad manager and data explorer
No theme components
I think it was last updated on Sunday.

I tried to install a theme component recently and it failed with internal error 500.
See Custom Header Links - #155 by MikeNolan

Safe mode doesn’t seem to change this, nor does unsetting the ‘edits are visible to all’ flag and creating another post turned wiki.