Is it possible to see others posts modifications?

Hi can you please tell me if it is possible for a user A to see the old content of a post made by user B after he modify it ? ?

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hi, I think it is not possible ?

That’s configurable with the setting edit history visible to public .


Yes depending on Site setting and user level.

For example @Falco edited your post from Uncategirized → Support Category.

See red pencil on the right top of your post.


User trust level does not affect the ability to view the edit history of a post. If the site setting is on everybody can see it but if it is off only the user that made the post and staff (mods, admins and possibly cat mods can view the edits)

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In @Heliosurge’s defence he didn’t say “user trust level” - he said “user level” - and “mods, admins and possibly cat mods” sounds very much like a description of user levels.

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I covered that below.

Mod and Admins have this ability by default. Tye site setting (iirc default on) with a min trust level for non staff.

I am not staff for example but due to site setting and my trust level am permitted to see edits here.

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