If you want to edit this theme, you must submit a change on its repository

Hello, how are you all?

I forked a theme repository from my employer in my local Discourse instance, and I’m getting this message saying that I need to submit a change in order to edit the theme.

I submitted various small changes and updated but still I’m getting the error message.

I’m running the local instance through Ubuntu 22.04.

Should I authenticate my git account in the Ubuntu CLI in order for Discourse to recognize the repo as my own fork?

Or maybe there is a way to authenticate git in the Discourse instance itself (localhost:4200)?

Thanks in advance!

If you’ve installed a fork from github, you would need to make changes to that fork in github to be able to update your Discourse theme…

If you installed the original theme, then forked it, you would need to re-install the forked version of the theme.

These shouldn’t be relevant, though if the repo is set to private on github, you’ll need to take more steps to install the theme: Install a theme from a private git repository


Also, if what you want to do is testing/development of the theme to later submit changes to github, you should check out Install the Discourse Theme CLI console app to help you build themes and work on a copy of the theme there on the production site that only you or other admins can see.


It’s really cool to get live support for all kinds of issues. Bravo.

Thanks Jay and Kris!