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I am facing a problem and i need your help. I am publishing a webview for the discourse forum, but Apple for App. Store refuses me because of the user ignore option is with timeframe, meanwhile they as to have the definitive ignore option. Anyone of you have any idea how it can be resolved? I am sendin below the last message i received from App. Store Connect.



Thank you for your response.

Regarding the 1.2 issue, we have found that users can set an ignore timer on other users for a specific timeframe, which is not the same as permanently blocking potential abusive users.

Please be aware that we require that your app has a mechanism in place for users to block other abusive users. This is different from ignoring users for a specific timeframe.

In order to resolve this issue, please make sure to implement a mechanism for users to block abusive users.

We are looking forward to reviewing your resubmission.

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You should explain that the ignore user feature is used when users doesn’t like each other while both aren’t abusive.

Abusive users should be banned and that can be done for (effectively) forever.


@Falco Thank you for your response.
i have I tried to explain your suggestion. but they insist again, With this message, which I also call right. why not be a mechanism where the user ignores it for all time

Apple Message :

We appreciate that your app has moderators and administrators that will not allow any abusive users on the platform, however we still require that your application includes a blocking mechanism.

In order to resolve this issue, please consider implementing a blocking mechanism so that users can block abusive users at their own discretion.

The feature was developed here, feel free to read the context: Ability to Ignore a User

We have no plans on changing it at the moment.

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