Other ways to remove "ignored" users

Is there any way someone can stop ignoring another user, other than removing them at Preferences > Users?

I use the “ignore” feature to provide a sort of permanent-block functionality, and part of it is that I hide Preferences > Users > Ignored Users. (With CSS, but my members are a non-technical bunch, I’m not that worried about it.)

However, it seems like I have a few ignores that are falling out on their own-- members that have blocked other members are suddenly seeing them in the forums again-- and I’m trying to figure out why.

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Ignore was always required to be on a timer (2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months) up to a very recent version of Discourse – just prior to the 2.5 release – where we added the “forever” option to Ignore. So that’s likely why.


I thought so too, but I always set the ignore timer to “4 months” and “renewed” it (by sending API calls to have the members ignore other members) every 3 months just to be safe. Maybe the new ignore didn’t reset the timer… I probably needed to do a full unignore, and then “re-ignore” the user in order to make the new timestamp stick. That’s probably it.

I’ve changed it now to set the “ignore” time for 10 years, and then I’ll tell the site to unignore everyone and re-ignore them with the new time.

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