Image source link broken on latest build

After updating yesterday I noticed that the download button in the lightbox no longer works on my site, it returns a 404. This is not happening on meta so I’m guessing it’s related to hosting images on digital ocean and whatever change was made to the url, I don’t recall seeing short-url in the past. I have the download button hidden in all public categories so I can’t just send a link to where this is happening, if anyone wants to help investigate I can add you as a member to access the area where I have it turned on.

Here is the url to the image in the lightbox:

And the url to the download button:


@pmusaraj is there any chance it’s related to this commit?


Yes, quite likely. @davidkingham please add me to the private area of your site where there is a repro for this, I’ll have a look.


@davidkingham do you have any customizations to your nginx server? It looks like on your site, the uploads/short-url request is hitting nginx. This is a new endpoint in discourse, and it should hit the app (since this commit, anyway), in your case it’s looking for the asset directly.

If you have nothing custom in your nginx configuration, can you try doing a full rebuild through the CLI and see if that fixes the issue?

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No changes to nginx, but the rebuild seems to have fixed it, thank you!