IMDB links Oneboxing as movie posters now

IMDB links (of all kinds) were working fine on my forum for months creating the proper onebox info when posted, for example this link

Displays properly as

However within the last week certain links now become whatever movie poster is on the imdb page. It’s not clickable, all the info is gone, it’s just the poster. It’s inconsistent though as some links still function the same as they always did. The example link above is one of the ones that converts properly, whereas this one coming up turns into the poster.

I’ve changed no settings nor added anything to my site, other than the Discourse updates that have come out which I’m assuming is the cause. This isn’t a major issue, but is there a way to either force all of them to perform as the used to/force the oneboxing?

Let’s try to repro this issue here:


Looks like we cannot repro this issue here on meta.

Can you update your Discourse instance to latest version and try again?


It is, I constantly keep the latest version but I double checked now and it’s up to date.

It’s incredibly inconsistent. For instance I just posted both the two links in the original post again, in separate posts, and now it’s reversed and the opposite one displays as a poster. Multiple users have experienced the same, about half work the same as always and the other half convert into the poster.

The fact that the links are exactly the same (and now that they seemingly can reverse), I have absolutely no idea what would sporadically change one. When posting, it does appear in the preview box with whichever version is going to end up in the post (the link box or the poster). It’s very confusing. So something is picking it up as an image once and a while for some reason. It’s no longer a hyperlink in this format just a static image

I edited my original post and managed to recreate the issue in it. That very first picture is from this link “” and I just posted it like every other imdb link in this topic and it converted into that. Also see right under this, where I just posted the imdb link plainly

Bok geuk cha lou: Directed by Wai Shum. With Stanley Sui-Fan Fung, Fong Lui, Hoi Mang, Yukari Ôshima.

If you quote my post (containing that image) it provides

![Bok geuk cha lou: Directed by Wai Shum. With Stanley Sui-Fan Fung, Fong Lui, Hoi Mang, Yukari Ôshima.|331x500]“”

Instead of the imdb link. The picture url is what they use for all their posters (which you can’t normally access in fullsize) so it is from the link. None of that cast info is anywhere in post. It doesn’t see the imdb link at all yet clearly the info is still there.

This is what is seen when I’m editing that post. It wasn’t recreated in your post because it appears to be completely random and not tied to any specific imdb link.

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I can see the issue now. Will try to debug and fix.


Fixed via:

Updating to latest version will fix this issue for you @Kartoon. Thanks for bringing this in our notice. :+1:

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