IMDB links no longer OneBoxing as of a couple updates ago

I’m not sure which exact update broke it (I’m on the latest one, I just updated to see if this one fixed it because it was broke on the last one too)

Before when posting IMDB links in the title (or just in the post) it would convert it into this

However as of one of the more recent updates all links display as this

This is also replicable on this site itself, post any IMDB link and it now fails to OneGraph

However you can see that it used to work fine here and function the same way as indicated on my site from this post (that topic was a different but similar issue, the links started turning into static movie posters and was patched)


This seems like an issue with IMDB, a quick test on an oembed tester (like gives a 405 error on that URL.


Now it’s working fine on that link, but still broken on Discourse lol (same info comes up under the Open Graph tab). Strange. I upgraded to the newest version again today to make sure that didn’t do it and still nothing.

It’s working again as of the latest update so…no idea, but hey.


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