Improve design of my forum

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I have a forum called and I would like to improve the design,

The concept of the forum is that it be a forum with many categories and subcategories of many different topics, so when the user enters they have to choose what topics they are interested in, they have to make a choice, the most important are the categories, but the topic of the categories are filtered by subcategories, for example someone can enter culture but only be interested in the gun section and not the kitchen section for example. Or a person entering culture that has topics not filtered by subcategories (there is topic without subcategory)

In this website I am very interested in how you have the categories, the problem is that the subcategories cannot be filtered on the cover

Topics – Fastly Support

Also i like this

but I don’t like it when you click on a category then this space comes out without taking advantage

I prefer dark background colors because of tired eyes but I don’t care, or that there is an option to change themes

I would like to improve the logo

The main domain is but I also have, the 0 is written in Spanish as cero.

This is a sketch

I will listen to offers for 72 hours but if you convince me I will hire you before
Also any suggestions or help?

I would like to find a way that when a user creates a post with adult content, only registered users can enter.
The only option I have found is to make a subcategory filtering the permissions, the problem with this is that then the users who are visiting the forum without being registered do not know that they are not seeing that content.
One option would be that on my main page when the subcategory icon comes out when I ask you to be registered. And the other option is that when a user enters without being registered, a message will appear saying that they cannot see the contents for adults since they are not registered.
People without login
people with login


Have you browsed the themes?

Maybe test the ones enabled here


Thanks for the answer, but I’m looking for something very specific

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Well, I don’t have this display on my forum and it’s not like this here on meta.discourse so I guess they added this block on the forum you took the screenshot from? :thinking: It doesn’t seem to be present by default so this shouldn’t be an issue.

You can change the theme colors, have multiple possible styles and let users choose the style they prefer.

I’d like to help you but what you’re asking is a bit confusing. Also, do you need someone to apply some design guidelines you already have, or are you looking for someone who has graphical design skills?