Localized quotes are... weird

Let me start by saying that I neither write nor speak Russian

That’s why it seems not a little odd to see myself “quoted” in Russian

I suppose this user is using localization to see the community in his native language. Which is absolutely awesome!

And I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done here. But… this is really weird.


Hi Ann!

You’re right, this is very likely browser based auto translation, which modifies the DOM and thus the text inside quoted posts in the composer, and there’s nothing to do about that since we don’t do any validation that the text inside quoted posts actually corresponds to parts of the quoted post.

FWIW, I’ve seen this exact issue in other forum software using inline replies based on markup like BB code and others.


We add a special CSS class to those modified quotes, so you could style those differently to help make users quickly tell faithful quotes from modified ones.


I just had to do this for someone in fact, the class is called quote-modified on the <aside>


Being a quote-modifier myself (only to elide & add ellipsis, I swear) I was reluctant to ask for anything concrete that would forbid modifying quotes.

And… I think maybe I like highlighting modification