Pin your favourite topics to the top

Is there any way for a normal user to pin some topics as favourites to stay top of the feed? :slight_smile:

Currently not. Only mods & admins have this ability. You can keep some posts as your favourite ones by bookmarking them. That’s the reason of a bookmark actually.


yeah thats what i thought. But this could be a nice feature :slight_smile: for example our service is for investors to talk about specific stocks and every topic is for some specific stock for following whats happening to the stock. And it would be useful to pin some interesting topics for yourself.

It has already been requested though:


Great idea for a plugin or TC.

I guess the closest thing is Bookmarks.

Whilst this hides them behind some UI, it solves your problem:

For a solution that impacts the front page for all you could use Featured Images in:

But I’m guessing you probably don’t want to have it impact all users.

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Oh! Wait, just add Bookmarks to your Top Menu:

Pretty convenient!

That’s 99% of the way there no?


Oh this could work :smiley: ?


Go for it. Easy & quick solution! :wink:


Ill give it a try, maybe this actually does the thing i need :slight_smile: Thanks!


I also have plans at some point to allow you to pin bookmarks to the top of your list, because that list is currently sorted by the updated at date for each bookmark.


You can now pin bookmarks to the top of your bookmark list, at least! Thanks @martin!


Would it be possible to also add this option to the “other” bookmark list? Bookmarks topics - Discourse Meta This list is a bit more on par with the latest list and more easily accessed (at least for those who have the link in the navbar).

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Not at the current time, no; the workflow there in the topic list is the select glyph at the upper left, which I have circled:

But thanks for reminding us about that route. We don’t publicize it much. The preferred place to interact with your bookmarks is on your user page.