Incoming emails trimmed despite trimming disabled

Our community heavily relies on emails, hence we have trim incoming emails disabled:

However, sometimes emails still seem to get trimmed. What’s worse, some parts of the emails get completely dropped, i.e. not only hidden under ... but they are not present anymore in any form.

I have tested this in the Advanced Test Email preview and interestingly the plain text message did not get trimmed, but the HTML version did.

I’m trying to produce an anonymised MWE but in the meantime I could share the mail privately with whom could look into it.

Hi again, so I found a simple example which shows the odd behaviour:

Dear Authors, 
the final reading for is scheduled for

monday, september 5th, at 2pm. 

the page for this meeting is:

yields in the test:

This is a very important bug that we would like to ask to be resolved asap!
cc our CERN IT colleague @trobiyo


p.s. note the mail was sent from Thunderbird but I copied the plain text and it still gives this issue.

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Hi @artur :slight_smile:

Let’s see if we can bump this further up the list. :slight_smile: Could you send me some specific examples by PM so we can investigate further?


Hi @JammyDodger !
In principle even the example above is already quite surprising. Could you reproduce this issue with it? Otherwise I can PM you some more of course.
Thanks a lot!

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I’ve run that through my test site, and I can confirm that this also happens in my advanced test page:

But in the email-in test in seems to accept it with no elision: (sending from zohomail)

I may need some more examples to test it on to get a better idea of what I’m looking at?