Posts are reordered, duplicated and cross displayed when clicking a link to another topic

I noticed this recently, it’s happened a few times now across different topics.

When I click on a link within a post (Topic 1) that takes me to a different topic (Topic 2), I see that the posts are reordered, duplicated and cross posted in Topic 2.
For example the last post of Topic 1 shows as the first post on Topic 2 and the first post of Topic 2 is duplicated as the second post on Topic 2.
If I click the back button of the browser to go back to Topic 1, now all the posts on Topic 1 are mixed up and a few are duplicated.

If I refresh the page a couple of times the problem gets fixed. Most of times when this happens I’ve noticed that the two topics are cross linked to each other in the their respective first posts.

Running 3.1.2 (f6ddfcb46f), Windows 10, Chrome browser (latest update applied).

The only change that was made recently was switching from 2 Unicorns to 1 Unicorn. Does that have any impact?