[infinite loop around text selection] Not possible quote text with emoticon in Firefox 57

Try quote :wink: this text on Firefox 57 (on Windows).

Tested on Windows 7 (Pro x64)with Firefox 57 (x64). I try used clean profile firefox and safe mode Firefox.

One of the few tries to do it copy text to answer textarea.

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FTR, it works just fine on latest Windows 10 with Firefox 57.

Also, what’s happening when you try to quote text on Windows 7? Nothing? An error?

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Tested on this topic Importing from phpBB3 - few tries no open answer/reply with quote.

No see any visible error, I can not use webdeveloper tools.

Hmm, something has changed with FF 57. Most of the time, when I double click a line to have it highlighted, the quote button won’t show…

With long paragraph (2+ lines) also won’t show button quote.

Interesting. On my computer the quote button shows up every time, but clicking it doesn’t work most of the time.

Looks like the quote button doesn’t work (most of the time), when double click was used to select a paragraph. It seems to work in all other cases…


Double click + quote works for me (to highlight one word) , triple click + quote (to highlight a paragraph) does not work (before the Quantum update). I see the quote button in both cases, simply with the triple click nothing happens when I click “quote”.


Works fine for me in Firefox latest…


OK, I reproduced the issue on Firefox 57 and fixed per:


What was happening is that sometimes our code was triggering a HARD infinite loop around text selection, where we were constantly re-selecting the same text.

This caused general unreliability on multiple platforms over the years and is part of the reason we debounce calls to the selection changed method.

cc @zogstrip


Also Works fine on FF57 on Fedora ! :wink:

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