Infinite scrolling sending me to first post in the topic. Is this normal?

Hi everyone, infinite scrolling looks nice and everything but I still have a hard time understanding how it works.

When I click on a long topic (which I have not read before)(in the Latest column), it sends me to the first post and if I want to read the latest reply i have to always scroll down. Can I change this?

Since this a migration from SMF, users may have read those particular topics, they don’t expect to be sent to the beginning of the topic, to continue their discussion.

It is the normal behavior and you can’t change it. Opening a topic will always take you to the last post you read. If a topic is unread you will be taken to the beginning of the topic.

If you want to be taken directly to the last post of a topic from the homepage you have to click on the date/time in the Activity column.




You can also click / tap on the reply count as well. That lets you select an entry point at the top or bottom.


Thank you so much. I think that the “read” has not been ported with the migration.
Since all the topics in question appear as unread.


Yeah, only a few other forum software store a proper read state. For migrations, we usually mark your own posts as read, but that’s pretty much all we can safely do…