Install a theme from a private git repository

In some setups you may prefer that your site’s themes are in a private git repository.

To do so:

Use the clone with SSH link, not the one that starts with https.


Select theme is in a private git repository.

Paste in the public key into your git repo so it is the used as a “deploy key”.

Click “Import” and you are done :confetti_ball:

Discourse will remember the private key it generated and use it to access the git repo.

Click here for a detailed step by step
  1. Go to site/admin/customize/themes
  2. Click theme or theme component (depending on which one you want)
  3. Click Install
  4. Select From a git repository
  5. Select Advanced
  6. Check Theme is in a private git repository
  7. Enter the repo name and hit return, using the following structure:
  8. An ssh key should appear at the bottom of the modal window
  9. On (or any other Git provider), in your repo, at /settings/keys, add a deploy key, and use the ssh key provided in step 8.
  10. Add key
  11. Back in the discourse theme modal, click Install

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