Install didn't work on Digital Ocean. No reaction from server .Where are the log files


I’ve followed the manual installation to the letter (I think) but when I enter my custom domain name in a browser I get a “connection refused” message.

Where are the access logs for discourse so that I can see if at least my connection request is arriving as far as Digital Ocean. I set up the E-name entry on the domain host to point to the IP address of the droplet.

Is the connection done via https or not ? I don’t see any mention of activating/deactivating SSL during the default install so I’m not sure about that.

Best regards / Colm

Go figure, after testing the subdomain with Find Subdomains Online | ir showed up as fine and pointing at the right IP address and recognising a Discourse install.

When I clicked on the link there it worked just fine !!

Perhaps there was something amiss on the subdomain redirection or something ??

Likely just that your home computer had the old address cached (or cached not finding an address).

The discourse-setup checks that the domain resolves during setup.