Can't Access Installation Set Up in Browser

Hi all,

I’m having trouble installing Discourse after setting it up through digital ocean. I’ve gone through all of the steps through the quick installation guide and following videos. Once the terminal lets me know that I have installed the application, it informs me to go to the browser.

However, from there, whether I try through my subdomain or the IP address, it won’t let me get in. I simply get an error that the site can’t be reached.

Help please! Trying to get this done today.


By quick installation guide do you mean the standard install guide?

That’s the only installation method we can support here I’m afraid. If you followed a different guide and it isn’t working I would recommend starting over with the official documentation.

Yes, that! I get through all the steps, I just can’t complete the final step and access it in the browser.

Ok, how have you configured DNS?

This is what I have currently

When you’re connected to the server over ssh what result do you get from docker ps

This is what I get. I am a beginner, so I have no context of any of this haha.

Is it all working now?

No it’s not… It won’t let me access it in Chrome. When I open it up in Safari, this is all that comes up. Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 2.16.55 PM

Attempting to connect to the IP you have listed under forum gives a “connection refused”.

What is the result of this command, ran from the server? Does it match the A record?


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Could it be that you’ve got a firewall blocking connection? Maybe (just maybe) check the DigitalOcean panel around if you’ve accidentally got some default firewall rules blocking outgoing connections?

Yes, the A record does match.

Maybe? I’m not sure exactly how to check on the firewall side of things in DigitalOcean

For further context, I got this all up and running no problem last night, but ran into a problem where I inputted the admin email wrong. So, I started the whole process over. And that’s when I started to run into the problem where I’ve been unable to access through the browser to finish setup.

Ok, so previously it was accessible via browser?

Have you touched ufw?

Yes, but just once. And no I haven’t touched that.

When you started the process over, what did you do exactly? Delete the server and create a new one?

Yes - I deleted the droplet/server and created a new one. As far as I know, I didn’t do anything different.

And updated DNS with the new droplet IP?

Yep! I deleted the old A record then added a new one with the new IP.

If you did the same thing two times, and got a different outcome on the second attempt it might be worth reaching out to DigitalOcean support.

You’ve confirmed that the IP address is correct (discourse-setup would have flagged this too), you’ve confirmed Docker is listening on :80 and :443, but your server isn’t accepting connections. That suggests it’s not something you’ve done.

Definitely worth raising a ticket.