installation in directadmin

I am currently exploring options for installing Discourse on my DirectAdmin hosting environment. However, due to limited permissions and the absence of Docker support, I am facing challenges in the installation process.

In light of these constraints, I am reaching out to seek advice on alternative methods or approaches that can facilitate the installation of Discourse specifically on DirectAdmin. I understand that the conventional installation procedures might not be applicable in my current setup, hence I am open to exploring alternative solutions that are compatible with DirectAdmin.

Without docker there’s pretty much no way. And you’ll be the only person on the planet doing it that way, so when you have trouble, you’ll be the only one who can help. If that’s the kind of thing that’s fun for you or $12/month is a month’s salary in your country and you can’t afford a Raspberry Pi, go for it.

But even then, it’s probably still a bad idea.

My home internet connection is very poor, so Raspberry Pi wouldn’t be suitable. Is there a place where I can get affordable hosting for Discourse?

Try looking at It offers free Discourse hosting for Open source and creators. You could also try Goorm.

Digital ocean is $12/month or maybe half that.

Is it possible with Hoolia?