Installing on VPS / WHM separate account possible?

Hello, the topics I found are dealing with installing on a VPS under one account/hostname.

however I want to try and setup the following, so I can keep the current forum up and running and do the switch without downtime (if possible).

can anyone let me know if the following is possible?

I want to create a new account with WHM with a new domainname. Then in that account I install Discourse as per guide (how to install on apache). Will it then stay localized in that account, eg not affect traffic to other domainnames on the same VPS (other accounts) or will the docker container take over the whole VPS?

if the latter is a yes - then how can I install the docker container without influencing the current sites (eg no downtime for current domains?)

thank you in advance for your help!

Accounts don’t matter. Hosts/servers matter.

If you have and want to one day switch to Discourse, you’d do this:

  • create new server/host
  • point to the new server
  • configure discourse on the new server
  • import data to your new server (see my notes)
  • freeze your old forum
  • re-import to get the data changed since the first import
  • point to the new discourse forum.

so now I only miss the “thank you so very much for this one” so I’m posting a separate thank you response :slight_smile: :love_you_gesture:

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