Integration Discourse <> JIRA/Zendesk

Is there a possibility to integrate my community with JIRA or Zendesk?

The problem is, we have a category of Bugs, but we don’t want a new support channel,therefore, everything posted there I want to go directly to Zendesk or JIRA. Is it possible?

Thank you.

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The Discourse Zendesk plugin will create Zendesk tickets from Discourse topics. For sites on our hosting, that plugin is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Another option would be to use Discourse webhooks to create Zendesk tickets with Zapier:


@Falco can you help me on this? In the plan that I have today, is it possible to do this integration by the Discourse Zendesk plugin or the other option with Zapier?

Thank you.

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The Zapier integration should work for you:


For Zendesk, too?

And we have to pay for this solution?

Looks like Zapier also supports Zendesk:

Zapier uses Discourse webhooks, who is a core features available everywhere.


For creating Zendesk tickets with Zapier, I think the best approach would be to point a Discourse Post Event webhook at a Zapier webhook trigger. This topic gives details about how to set that up: Discourse Webhooks and Zapier. The example that topic uses is for sending an email based on a User event, so you will need to set things up somewhat differently.

I haven’t tried creating Zendesk tickes via Zapier before, but it looks like it will be possible to do. Let us know if you have problems setting it up. One thing you will need to do when setting it up is add a filter step on Zapier so that the zap only creates a Zendesk ticket for the first post in each topic.


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