Internal link: expand button has disappeared

The expand/collapse button for internal link has disappeared (but still works).
Is it intentional? My users are confuse, because they tend to click on the link now (so they change page) instead to expand a guide and continue reading in the same page.

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That is weird. Let’s see


I don’t know that we ever did that for topic links, to be honest.

Yes,the function is still here, only the button disappeared. Try to click on the right of the title and you will see the expand/collapse effect also for internal link.

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I found an old screenshot (ver. 1.7) digging in my forum:

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I recall @sam removing that intentionally?

No, if anything I called for adding it back in the day.

This may be due to normalization of oneboxes that happened recently, I think its a legit bug.


Fixed via: