Introducing Post Illustrations: Enhance Your Discourse Content with AI-Generated Thumbnails

We’re excited to announce a creative new feature that’s rolling out for our Discourse users—AI-Generated Post Illustrations.

This new feature introduces the ability to add images to a post based on the post content.

How Does It Work?

You can trigger the AI-powered Illustrate Post feature directly from the post editor. Once your text is analyzed, you’ll be presented with a set of thumbnails tailored to visualize your post’s content. You can preview these images, select your favorite ones, and flawlessly incorporate them into your post.


To Site Admins

As always, we’ve made the feature compatible with multiple providers so you have the flexibility to pick what’s best for your community.

Currently, you can use:

  • StableDiffusion
  • DallE 3
  • Nothing

This will cover both people opting for paid services and those who prefer self-hosting their models.

How to enable / disable

Check the site setting ai helper illustrate post model.

Getting Started

The Post Illustrations feature is now available for you to try out on meta, feel free to give it a shot.

Related features: The AI Bot is another way you can generate images, you can use the Artist or Dall E 3 persona there.


A group of people celebrating the release of an ai feature on an asynchronous communication platform which can now illustrate written topics via prompts


The biggest issue comes from the very basics how AI is working: when it tries to build up a prompt from text itself its hallucination is bigger that just power to two. It just trying too much to get something useful to Dall E or what ever there is or will be listening. And for us non-english speakers rounds to translations to another translation changes too much context and idea itself.

The result is rarely something that should, could or would use. Well, that is my experience anyway.

But amount of used token is quite high for some reason. Higher that asked directly from chatbot using Dall E persona.

It is nice touch, though. But it suffers same weakness that AI helpers generally and what CDCK can’t fix: kind of alpha state of OpenAI and limitations of API based usage.


3 posts were split to a new topic: Subsequent post illustration calls don’t create a new illustration

An evil fish with a top hat looks at a forum called curiously


Would be cool if we could limit it to one category instead of the entire site. I think it would be fun in our “everything goes” category but I’m not sure I want it all over in our more serious product side. And our community will use it to exhaustion.


Artists protesting against getting their work harvested by AI companies

It works… kinda :slight_smile:


That’s interesting but I cannot find that setting in my Discourse sites.


AI taking a selfie with discourse owners to celebrate the milestone.

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Follow this guide Enable AI Helper to enable it.


This would be great if there was no paywall involved in accessing an AI - as things stand, small community forums are unlikely to see any benefit

I note that Microsoft & Edge browser do provide ‘free’ access to GPT-4 AI image generation (up to 1024x1024px) via their Bing/Copilot feature. Is there any cunning way to harness this for Discourse?

Not sure how relevant this is, but 6 Easy Ways to Access ChatGPT-4 for Free - Analytics Vidhya


There is no paywall in that you can self host, trouble is that GPU time is expensive

Pretty sure it would be against Microsoft terms to use a reverse engineered api to circumvent azure bills


Hello. Any chance y’all are giving some thought to making this a possibility? I’d love to enable it but need some controls.


We should be able to do so, do you have access to api keys for dall e or stable diffusion?


Not yet but I’ll get working on it. :slight_smile: :heart:


Could there be a way to generate images with only a StableDiffusion key? (I’m not interested in the other helper features at the moment) I see currently you need a LLM configured to generate a more descriptive StableDiffusion prompt. So maybe a “fake” LLM that simply passes the post content as the prompt?

Is this feature available on mobile as well?