Invalid parameters to the request: limit

When creating a new topic or making changes to the tag settings within a tag group, I am encountering the following error alert. This alert prevents me from using the tag functionality. Could you please help me identify the necessary steps to resolve this error?


I am sharing the API endpoint and request related to the part suspected to be causing the issue. Please review it quickly to identify the problem.

[Issue Description]

  • There is an issue with loading the tag list.

[API Endpoint and Request]

  • API Endpoint
(https://{{company name}}

You’re doing this with the API?

If so, don’t include the limit parameter. If not, what are you entering in the ux?

We’ve received a couple of reports of this now so I’ve slipped this over to bug while we investigate further. :+1:


Hi Young,
I just tested and the error isn’t there on your site. Actually, the issue is related to max tag search results site setting when its set to a value above 50. As you’ve reduced it the error is gone. We’re actively working on a fix and will let you know once the fix is in place.

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