Invitation only valid after minimum amount of invitations

(this is plugin territory, but I couldn’t select that category)

Can’t create it myself, but just to suggest the idea:

Some communities might work on invitation only. But in a members only community it would be nice to have an invitation only be valid after a certain amount of people have invited that person.

I don’t know what happens if multiple people invite the same mail address. If you track it, you could enforce the above idea. If someone clicks the invitation link before reaching the amount of people needed, he would see how many more he needs before allowed entrance.

Interesting. I’ve wanted a similar thing for badges, wherein users could “nominate” another user for a badge. By extension this could also work for invitations, by nominating a staged/pending user for a “Member” badge.

The interesting bit in such a community would be “how does the 2nd vote happen?”.Say I’ll want to invite Bob, because he’s my friend. But where do I go from here? Do I open a new topic, campaigning for others to invite Bob?


The #plugin category is a directory of plugins. All feature requests, core or plugin, belong in #feature :slightly_smiling: