Invite delayed: when online more than N minutes, OR online and has written a response just recently

(Anton) #1

I found out that people react much better to invitations when they’ve been online for 2…5 minutes and have been responding in some topic… Then suddenly an invitation comes and catches their attention. While they’re writing and online, chances are they’ll read and respond in where you have invited them (you know they’re in the writing mood right now).

This worked very well in our community.

Based on the experience described, comes the proposition to add a dropdown list in the “Invite” dialog box, with the following options:

  • Send invitation now (selected by default)
  • Send invitation when the user has been online for at least 2 minutes
  • Send invitation when the user has been online for last 10 minutes and posted something just recently

The dropdown list will have only the first option available and the other two disabled if an email is being entered rather than a username.