Invite users to a group

Forum staff and group owners can create invites to add new and existing users to groups.

Staff can create an invite that adds users to one or more custom group on the site from the Invites section of their profile page. Group owners can only invite new users to a group they own from the group page.

New users will be emailed (prestaged) and added to this group upon account creation.

This feature is useful when you wish to invite a group of private beta testers, employees, etc.

:information_source: It is not possible to invite users to predefined groups such as, trust level groups, admin, mod or staff groups. As a work around, you can configure a custom group to automatically set a users trust level in the Effects section of the group’s configuration page. Doing this will allow you to set the trust level of invited users to a trust level other than what is set by your site’s default invitee trust level setting.

Invites can be saved as a link that can be shared directly with users, or sent via email.

Creating invites as staff

Using the UI by clicking the “Invite” button from your staff account’s profile page, select the groups you want to add the invited users to from the “Add to groups” drop down:

Creating invites as a group owner

To invite users to a group from the group’s page, click the “Invite” button from that page:

Using the API

One may also create invites using the API. For example, using the Discourse API gem, you may do the following:

require 'discourse_api'
client ="somesite",port)
client.api_key = "your key"
client.api_username = "an_admin"

client.invite_user_to_topic(topic_id: 1, email: "", group_ids: "1,2,3")
client.invite_user_to_topic(topic_id: 1, email: "", group_names: "bugs,cars,testers")

Bulk invites

Another alternative is to create invites in bulk using by uploading a CSV: Send Bulk User Invites