iOS App: can't complete connect process

  1. Connect buttons leads to an incomplete login form rather than the authorise screen.

  2. I can tap outside of the Connect button and get to the site and login without issue.

  3. Connect button still shown even though I’m logged into a forum.

Tried with no change to behaviour

  • deleting and re-adding the forum in question
  • uninstall and reinstall discourse hub app

iPhone SE 2020
iOS 14.8.1

This evening all my forums showed a Connect button. Did somebody flick a switch?

I could complete the connect flow on all bar the forum shown above.

I deleted the app to start again. Same problem!

Perhaps the site in question is running an old version of discourse that is incompatible with the connect feature of the current app?


I’m going to take a look shortly. It does look like a problem with that specific site, but will see.


Thanks. Have rejigged my initial post.

I can’t reproduce your issue on iOS 15 (iPhone 11 Pro). Something unusual is happening on this moment of your video:

Normally, you should see the login form there.

You can also try logging in to that site in Safari and then using the Connect button (you should be already logged in, thus skipping the broken login form).

Yes it’s odd I expect the authorize screen but get a broken login.

I’m not sure I understand your final recommendation? In the video I’m already logged in and the connect button does not disappear.

Login state makes no difference to the missing authorize screen and broken login box.

There are two separate sessions: the one for the site loaded in the webview, and the one loaded by the Connect button, which uses a special Safari session (via ASWebAuthenticationSession). So, even if you’re logged in to the site in the DiscourseHub webview, you won’t be logged into it once you click Connect.

So, the suggestion is this: open Safari and login to the site. Then, switch to DiscourseHub and click Connect. Hopefully then you will be in the Authorize step (because Safari’s logged in session means you are logged in to the site for the special view invoked by Connect).

Thanks! That did indeed work.

It seems that part of the login panel was blocked by my content blocker. :man_facepalming: I could deactivate that briefly in Safari.

Interesting that the authenticate page was never seen.

Oh, wow. What content blocker are you using? Maybe it’s catching some class or ID in our login form? IIRC, the board game site does not have any social logins.

I’m using 1Blocker but it’s probably a custom rule I have for hiding an element. I’ll check and isolate it.

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