iOS app: Content disappears when scrolling long post

Video of it happening:

This seems like an iOS 14 bug as it also happens in Safari.

Workaround is to use Reader mode.

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Does it only happen on that forum only? And if so, on several pages or that specific one?

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I’ve only seen it on that one page. It’s a single long OP post with a lot of text in.

I’ll see if I can save the HTML and host it myself to see if it still occurs in Safari.

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I’m also seeing this in the Gmail iOS app when scrolling long HTML emails

Seems like it’s hitting a lot of people:

I suggest we just wait for an apple fix here.

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Of course, it’s Apple iOS 14 problem.

FWIW my browser does not hang at any point. See video above in the OP where I get it to go white and come back many times.

Bug still present in iOS 14.1

Come on Apple!

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I know iOS 14.2 is already in development, so :pray:

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Still a problem with 14.2 :cry:

All iOS browsers/web wrappers are just Safari reskins due to guidelines from Apple. Safari 14 could be to blame. As a result, I doubt that this is an issue with the operating system.

Does Discourse Hub or Fig work? I would try the latter if the former doesn’t work.

I’m using Discourse Hub (problem) and Safari (problem)

Fig is great - gorgeous app - but the forum with an easy to access example of the problem is private so I can’t add it without paying a subscription.

I’ll try to find another example.

In that case, I would blame WebKit.

Still happening in iOS 14.4


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It’s odd because the footer from the page is still visible. It’s just that the content of the long post disappears after you scroll past certain point.

Recording from Safari app iOS 14.4

Interesting. I see that is on the stable branch. I made a change a little while ago in tests-passed, reducing the frequency of calculations when scrolling the post stream. In theory that might help here, we’ll have to wait and see, it will take a while for that change to make it to the stable branch.


I’m yet to try with web inspector to see what’s really going on here

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Still happening in iOS 14.5 :man_shrugging:

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Slightly different in iOS 15 beta. It still disappears but only after you’ve stopped scrolling so you can scroll and read. Progress, I guess!