iOS desktop view on ipad shaking at bottom of topics after zooming

i’m getting this awful screen shake sometimes at the bottom of topics if i use touch screen zooming on my ipad in desktop view.

iOS Safari on 6th gen iPad.

go to a topic and scroll to bottom / last post
zoom in and out with touch-screen

screen video in safe mode:

i’ve repro’d on Meta but it’s harder to do i think because of the related and suggested topics footers (which i don’t ‘t use on my forum). note the navigation sidebar menu and header do not shake.


I think @awesomerobot had a recent fix to improve this.


for me, i noticed that the shaking doesn’t happen when i have the navigation menu sidebar in a collapsed state. so i wonder if it has to do with the expanded menu.

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Hmm, the problem I fixed only affected short topics, so this might be something else… have you seen this on Meta recently @Lilly? the fix in question was applied here 4 days ago.


thanks for the reply. unfortunately i just repro’d on Meta right now and on my site. much harder to repro on Meta though because of the footer links.

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