iOS Discourse/web app bottom buttons not reachable

Can this be fixed? The fixed bottom bar is blocking the buttons to be touched.

While scrolling, we can see the buttons but we can’t scroll + tap at the sime time:

The issue appears globally as well on Discourse Hub as a webapp (created by bookmarks).


Thanks, I have a PR up with a fix for this, it should be merged shortly. UX: Fix tab groups editing layout issues on mobile by pmusaraj · Pull Request #14329 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

To be clear, the issue only affected the tab groups screen, correct?

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Can you clarify what you mean by this?

I followed your screenshot, and could reproduce the issue on the “Manage tab groups” screen. The PR fixes that.

Have you seen this problem on any other Discourse screen?

Ahh… With globally I meant this occurs on any page that has buttons on the bottom. I noticed it many times and usually just switched to Safari browser.

Let me try and find some more pages where this issue occurs.

Edit category > general/tags (strangely enough can’t reproduce on security tab.

Edit group > manage: profile, membership, interaction, categories

I can not reproduce the issue on /my/preferences/interface:

Will edit if I find more.

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This is now merged @MarcP, I also fixed the issue on the group > manage screens. (Couldn’t quite reproduce in category screens.)


Can confirm all of this is working great now! Thanks.

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