iOS: Scroll momentum is disabled when editing long posts


When writing long posts in the forum with an iPad, I need to scroll up and down as I’m working on my post.

However, the “scroll momentum” is disabled. So whenever I let go of my finger after swiping up or down, scrolling immediately stops. Instead, it should continue for 2-3 seconds after I stop. In particular, if I swipe quickly, it should go very far.

I believe this is a simple CSS property gone wrong.

Fixing this greatly improves usability with an iPad, when writing longer posts (which I do all the time).

The iPad Pro is becoming a very popular device and outperformed Apple’s expectations in terms of sales. I expect this trend to continue.


I am not seeing a repro of this on meta, could this be something custom with your CSS? Are you able to repro this here?

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I am.

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Oh, I see what this is, I did not read this properly.

Yes, this is a problem due to the way we implemented “preview sync”, definitely something we can improve for ultra long posts, I suspect it is fairly complex to fix though. It is way beyond a 1 line CSS fix we would need to handle gestures here I think.


Got it. Thanks!

When combined with the “editor only takes up half the height of the page” issue that you and I are discussing in another thread, almost all of my posts qualify as “super long posts” since the textarea is so small :slight_smile:

Understood, I have a physical iPad keyboard and will experiment a bit to see if anything is better in iOS 12, stuff has changed here over the years, but its slow and Apple are not making any developers life easy here.


This is the most responsive support I think I’ve seen to date from a SaaS company. Bravo.


Have you tried out this button on the composer?


I confirmed just now it works great on iPad + external keyboard. It provides a pretty excellent writing experience.


Yes, it’s much better, thank you very much.

It is the mode I am using the video though. So, momentum scrolling is still an issue within the full-screen mode.

With the following minor tweaks, I think it can work well:

  • Momentum scrolling fix
  • Remember full-screen mode after minimizing and reopening editor (it currently forgets it)
  • Respect the cursor position when tapping inside the textarea (it currently moves the cursor to the beginning of the text)
  • Ability to actually submit from this view

And bonus:

  • Make the full-screen and minimize buttons somewhat larger (they’re a little hard to tap on mobile)
  • Ability to edit title of a new thread from within this mode
  • Somewhat larger font-size on iPad (or customizable somehow)

Hope this helps!


Very quick one here, everything you see on the screen is customizable, highly recommend you try out our /admin/customize/themes section, try creating a theme component, you can amend CSS for anything you want on your site.


Ctrl+Enter submits a post, but for some reason this doesn’t work on iOS with a hardware keyboard in my testing tonight.

To change font size see your user preferences, this feature already exists.

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@sam Did you say somewhere that momentum scrolling is now fixed?

No, this is going to be very tricky to work around, my priorities at the moment here are:

  1. Start a movement to get Apple to provide an API that tells us that a keyboard is connected, Already opened a ticked with Apple on the bug tracker and Webkit, zero traction.

  2. Decide with @codinghorror if we can pull in the “I have a keyboard” switch for iPads, instead of requiring a component

  3. Figure our how to do shortcut post submission. Maybe make “option+enter” work for post submitting.

  4. The touch resizing of composer may need a bit of tuning for touch, its a bit finicky

  5. Maybe figure out cut and paste of images on iPad

Momentum thing is not on my list for now



I recommend CMD+Enter for submission, that seems to be the iOS standard.


This has kind of gone in lots of directions, @littke do you feel there is anything else we need to do here?